Get to know the amazing creator behind Gaia Donut. Her creative vision and dedication to quality is what makes this business special. Sarah is what makes Gaia Donut not just another bakery. Read about her journey to start this business and how she is changing the way we think about dessert. 

Sarah has always had a talent: feeding people. From the time I have known her she has made delicious dish after delicious dish. That changed when I presented her with a unique issue: food allergies. I let her try some of the vegan, gluten free desserts I had purchased. She was far from impressed. 

Next time I saw Sarah she had made a totally allergy safe pumpkin donut that not only I could eat, but also all of my family could eat. It wasn't just amazing for an allergy friendly treat. It was amazing period.

One donut turned into two, and then into three. Her business grew from caring for a friend, and honestly that says it all. This is a business grown from compassion and love. This is a business changing the way we treat allergies one donut at a time. 

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